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AWEA Member Quarterly Briefing - July 2017

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As an exclusive resource, AWEA Quarterly Member Briefings play a vital role in communicating to members the state of the industry and what AWEA is doing to move it forward. They are a valuable benefit to membership and provide you, as a member, the chance to hear directly from those working on your behalf.


During the July Member Briefing, AWEA members will hear about:

·        Second Quarter U.S. Wind Industry Market Report results

·        An update on Congressional activity

·        AWEA engagement on the Hill – National Defense Authorization Act & tax reform

·        Central and Western Caucus 2018 planning meetings

·        Summer state regulator and legislator outreach events

·        DOE grid study

·        AWEA efforts at FERC related to state policy and wholesale markets

·        Engagement with DOI on regulatory reform

·        Latest materials/products from our worker health and safety, workforce development, O&M committees

·        American Wind Week, August 6-12

·        New programs to tell the story of wind’s economic good news

·        Member value and services


AWEA Speakers

·        Hannah Hunt, Senior Analyst, Industry Data & Analysis

·        Maggie Lemmerman, Director, Federal Legislative Affairs

·        Tom Darin, Western State Policy Director

·        Tom Vinson, Vice President, Federal Regulatory Affairs 

·        Peter Kelley, Vice President, Public Affairs

·        Melissa Bittner, Member Value & Experience Coordinator

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AWEA Member Quarterly Briefing - July 2017
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